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The Evolving Journey - Bespoke Poetry

Updated: Mar 8

Bespoke Poetry

Suffice to say it's been a whirlwind of activity since November 2023 when The Bespoke Poet was established with the aim to gain a foothold in the unique personalised gifts market.

.Reaching out beyond zones of comfort into fields such as Web Design, SEO, Marketing and Branding to name but just a few. The process has been overwhelming at times but rewarding throughout. The learning curve has been intense but we're confident the newly acquired skills will reap their rewards in due course.

Say it with a Bespoke Poem

Already, we have networked with other associated companies and developed a healthy clientele base to build upon.

The brand and concept is very much evolving, even as this is posted! Exciting times are ahead and we're relishing every moment of the new challenge.

The main focus of The Bespoke Poet is to create personalised poems for absolutely any occasion, whether it be a birthday, wedding, retirement or for a unique personalised gift on Valentine's Day or other romantic gestures. We concentrate entirely on the intellectual property, which is where our strength lies. The bespoke poetry is very affordable and personal to you in every sense.

We have already acquired the services of several companies who can creatively transform the written poem into various attractive end products ranging from prints and canvases to clay plaques and framed prints. These products along with the associated website links can be viewed on our Designs page. Many of these items are provided at discounted prices to you!

Love Is

This particular poem composed by The Bespoke Poet was sympathetically displayed on this very attractive A4 clay plaque, hand crafted with great attention to detail by Polly from Loved By Pot

The Bespoke Poet very much believes in the 'horses for courses' concept, whereby instead of attempting to deliver a poem in a visually attractive form, unlike many competitors, that is left to experts in that particular area. However, some customers are happy with the emailed version only as they often use this to send a text message or transfer to a greetings card to magnify its impact.

Bespoke Poetry

Rhyming love poetry continues to be a popular way of giving romantic gestures to a loved one. This topic is very apt at the moment as we are quickly approaching Valentine's Day. Our previous blog covered romantic gestures in great detail and is an interesting read.

Bespoke Poetry provides an excellent opportunity to express how we feel towards another.

We look forward to seeing up on our next blog!

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