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The Bespoke Poet

For years The Bespoke Poet has written poetry in many different forms........

Sometimes for friends and family on those special occasions or simply by composing and adding verses to an otherwise meaningless greetings card. Previously, we have utilised this talent to send text messages to loved ones.

Whatever the form, the feedback has been overwhelmingly complimentary. 
When enough people keep saying

the same thing, eventually you start listening and so The Bespoke Poet was launched. 


The business was established to offer an alternative gift solution through rhyming poetry that is totally unique to

that person or occasion and the reviews from my customers tell me I did the right thing! Nothing makes me

prouder than reading them either through reviews, private messages or on my Facebook page. I’d love you to be writing my next one!

One of the main elements in this conception is delivering a 'Value For Money' service. Differentiating from other comparative businesses, it is our intention to concentrate solely on composing the poems in PNG or JPEG file format.


 By doing this you may then wish to take advantage of transforming and personalising the poem further by modifying it into an attractive gift product of your choice at a later stage. It is our belief that experts in this field can design a

product worthy of displaying these custom poems. Please visit our Designs page for recommended examples.

We have a close working relationship with several companies who can transform the poem into a product or finish of your design, courtesy of their easy to use websites. These company details will be happily supplied upon request.
This can range from a print or framed item to a scroll or personally unique canvas. The list of potential custom made
poetry gifts is endless so feel free to use your imagination to ensure that the poem will be treasured.
Alternatively, as the poems are delivered as a standard A4 size in a very attractive font style, they are easily
framed within a standard A4 sized frame bought from most shops.

The Bespoke Poet composing custom poems personal to you, was established in November 2023 and already has a very satisfied clientelle reinforced by subsequent reviews on the Reviews page.

How It Works ?

It's an easy, quick and cost effective process !

The Bespoke Poet takes great pride to ensure that customer satisfaction takes precedence.

Romantic gestures are no better achieved than sending a bespoke poem to a loved one. Make someone's day

and give them a time they will cherish with delight!

Visit our Order page to request your unique personalised gift.

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