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Are all of your poems bespoke?


It’s certainly not a joke,
That our rhymes are bespoke.
Personalise what you’ve read,
Or we’ll write for you instead!

All of our poems and poetry templates are written by us, personal for you.


What can you write about?


Birthdays, weddings and more,
Poems are never a chore.
Why not send us your request,
And we’ll do our best!

We’re willing to write for any occasion you like.

Simply get in touch if you’d like to discuss a unique creation.

What’s the bespoke process?


Place your request on the order page,
Payment is taken at this stage.

Complete our questionnaire all in good time,
Before we email you your rhyme.

Words personal and unique,
You have the choice to tweak.
And when you’re 100 per cent,
We’ll get it finalised and sent!


Need help? Get in touch at

Can I change the poem?


If you don’t like a line, there’s no need to stress,
Can you change it? The simple answer is yes.
Tweaks we appreciate, no matter how small,
Although most people choose not to make any at all!


We’re aware that you may wish to tweak the wording in your poem and this is no problem!

We’re here to make sure the rhyme is exactly as you’d like to it be.


When will I get my order?


14 days is the average order to arrival time,
But we only complete once you’re happy with the rhyme.
If you need it quick, let us know,
We’ll get your order moving- go go go!

Is my information kept confidential?


Although we enjoy your facts and quotes,
We have no interest in sharing your notes.
Marketing our poetic words is our mission,
But not without your written permission.


We love to share great poems, feedback and amazing imagery where possible

to help us on our The Bespoke Poet marketing mission.

We’ll contact you first with a request to share.


How can I get help with personalisation?


If you’re struggling with personalisation,
For your occasion or celebration.
We’re here to help you with a rhyme,
Send us an email any time!


Get in touch at

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