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How It Works

You can request personalised poems by visiting the Order page, where you can choose the length of poem you would like and pay accordingly. You will then receive a full invoice/receipt on screen and by email following payment. Ensure you then click on the Complete Questionnaire button and follow the instructions below.

You are then asked to complete and submit an online questionnaire form. This form asks for your contact details and further detailed information regarding the recipient and nature of the request. You will receive confirmation of the form submission by email.


The bespoke poetry will be composed in both JPG and PNG formats before delivery by email (usually within 2 weeks or sooner if explicitly required).


The personalised poems are to be confirmed as acceptable or commented upon for slight adjustment if required. The Bespoke Poet will happily tweak the poem on 2 occasions as necessary at no extra cost.


The completed poem will be emailed to you in PNG and JPEG format using an attractive font and presentation to a standard A4 size.


This property is yours and yours only to do with as you desire.  Some customers simply use the verse to text a loved one, however many customers often choose to transform the poem into a finished end product. This maybe a canvas, print, scroll, clay wall plaque or framed work of art, often accompanied with a complimentary photo. The Bespoke Poet has smooth working relationships with a few such companies and further information on their offer can be seen by visiting the Designs page.

A written review would be very kindly appreciated using the Reviews tab at the side of any webpage. This is the most productive form of attracting future business and for this we thank those who have already contributed.

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